Arlene Mother and Child


Meet Arlene

Goal: $657

Progress: 100%

Shortly after the birth of their son Dylan Jr., Arlene and her husband Dylan Sr. moved to Brevard County in 2014. Tragically, Dylan Sr. passed away in June 2018. Arlene was left to provide for her 4-year old son, bouncing around from couch to couch after losing their family home.

Late 2018, Arlene was able to move into her new residence, and used all she had to pay the first, last and security deposit. That left her living paycheck to paycheck with her late husband’s benefits. With her payments being received on the second Wednesday of the month and the rent due by the 4th of each month, Arlene was forced to pay an additional $100 each month in late fees.

BRAK decided to assist by paying one month’s rent, getting Arlene one month ahead in rent so that she can save the $100 per month to put more food on the table or spoil her son.