Daily Bread Best Boot Forward


Brevard Random Acts of Kindness Inc, (BRAK) has agreed to assist the Daily Bread Inc, in their “Best Boot Forward & Way Up Employment & Re-Entry Services” program by supplying Boots for their clients who are returning to work. In partnership with CareerForce, Daily Bread has supplied boots to those who have been given the opportunity for employment, however, need appropriate footwear to commence their new found employment.

Previously Daily Bread received donations directly from Red Wings, a Missouri based boot manufacturer. Unfortunately, they are no longer able to supply the footwear needed. It’s our role to step up!!

“This program really encompasses what BRAK is all about”, said Mick Graham, Founder of Brevard Random Acts of Kindness Inc, a Brevard County 501C3 charity. “The ultimate goal for any non-profit should be to put yourself out of business. In the case of Daily Bread, who supplies several hundred meals per day to homeless and those fallen on hard times, encouraging and assisting their clients to re-enter the workforce is the first step to dignified self-sufficiency, and we want to fully support that.”

BRAK will provide an initial number of shoes to ensure anyone who wants to enter the workplace can. We will replenish the shoe inventory as they are handed out through the year.

“Organizations come to us to assist in providing goods and services for things that don’t necessarily make for a good telethon. Although raising money for work shoes is not very sexy, it’s an essential part of the road to recovery.”