Apart from the parts all of us play in delivering kindness to our fellow Brevardians, BRAK hosts three campaigns specializing in very different things.

Our SMILE campaign is designed to spreading happiness through pure Random Acts of Kindness. Be it a gift, a nice word or an inspirational talk. Our team of Braktivists can be seen around the community providing joy. See the SMILE page for more details.

Our Hand Up program has two focuses. First is Help Someone. We highlight individuals that are in need and have been nominated and vetted by a local non-profit. You can look through the list of our neighbors who have a need and decide which one you would like to support. Sometimes it’s financial, sometimes it’s mentorship. Click here to be taken to the Help Someone page and see who we are trying to help.

Second is the “Find A Campaign” program. With the support of partner non-profits as well as city and local governments, we highlight campaigns that are looking for assistance from the community. Again, it may be financial, or it may be the giving of your time. Click here to be taken to the Find a Campaign page.