Your Passion, Our Resources

This program is for those who want to give and want to see the results of their gift. Use our Tax-Free Status to design your own giving plan without any fees taken out. We NEVER charge an administration fee for any donations made to our general fund. All of our costs are paid for by our founders.

Have you ever wondered where exactly your donations go?? You give to an organization and it’s difficult to decipher if your contribution made a difference. This is fundamentally why BRAK was founded.

One of the first programs we launched was our “Design Your Own Random Act of Kindness”. This program looks to work with Brevard residents who are willing and able to give financially and would like to see their donation make a difference.

Believe it or not, it’s harder than you think to navigate the minefield that is philanthropy. There’s the easy way or the hard way. The easy way has historically been, to give through a workplace program to a company like United Way or directly through a fundraiser. The hard way is finding a cause you’re passionate about, finding the right local agency, and working with them to determine that your gift is getting the results you were looking for.

Most local grass root organizations do a wonderful job saving lives or implementing change. Their focus needs to be narrow in order to fulfill the objectives they set out to achieve. This often makes it hard for some to support. For instance, there are several homelessness organizations in Brevard, some support women, some women with children, some families. You need to spend time learning about each of them to determine which organization fits your goals for giving.

Also, the oversight in a lot of non-profit work is nonexistent and often your tarnished if you have the gaul to ask how your donations are being spent. We see misuses over and over again, yet nothing seems to change. A number of people just stop giving, and that does not help anyone.

BRAK is different. We work with you the giver to develop a strategy that provides assistance to causes you feel passionate about, in the most efficient way possible.

Efficient is a vague word. In this case it has a three-fold meaning:

1. Tax Efficiency. We don’t believe that the government spends our money very wisely and you should not give them any more than you must. If helping the less fortunate among us appeals to you, we can help you structure your “Giving Plan” in a way to ensure that we get it from you to those in need without the tax man in the middle. There are deductions under the current tax code to ensure “efficient giving”, which can be taken advantage of over several years. Donor Advised Funds have increased in popularity over the past few years, as they provide donors to give money in “better” years (when they are paying more in taxes), all while controlling those funds and deciding at any time in the future about how, when, and where to give those funds.
2. Cost Efficiency. Take out the middleman. One of the biggest senses of frustration we hear is the amount of money that is taken out of the donation before it gets to those in need. It’s an epidemic in philanthropy and it’s getting worse, not better. The middlemen of philanthropy receive salaries competitive with those in the private sector, and it boggles our mind. There is so much fat in philanthropy, and our goal is to provide transparency for the cost of giving. BRAK will never take one penny from any donations. Ever
3. Results. Due to our tax-free status, we don’t need another organization to receive the funds of our donors into their general fund. We can purchase things that are needed. Our programs have been so diverse from paying for hotels for a homeless family, to paying the escrow needed for a kidney transplant. By giving our funds directly to another organization or individual, you will see directly the effect of your donation.

If this is of interest and you’re willing to donate a minimum of $5,000, give us a call and we will create an Efficient Giving Plan designed specifically for you.