Meet Jessica Schneider 

Who is Jessica Schneider?

Jessica Schneider is a clinical nutritionist and wellness coach. She is the sole owner of For Your Health Thermal Imaging and For Your Health Wellness Center located in Rockledge. Jessica Schneider was one of many business owners in Brevard who was affected greatly by the COVID Pandemic. Here is her story.

What does she do?

At For Your Health Thermal Imaging and For Your Health Wellness Center, Jessica Schneider offers a Thermography Service. Thermography is a clinical imaging procedure for detecting and monitoring a number of diseases and physical injuries, by showing the thermal abnormalities present in the body. Thermography is non-invasive, radiation free, fast and painless. This procedure is great for identifying dysfunction and pathology.

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What is her story?

Jessica began her thermography journey while working at a chiropractic clinic. She knew thermography was something she believed in and wanted to grow. To gain her independence she decided to make her own business and work at a wellness center. This leap of faith took her for a spin. During the start of the pandemic in March of 2020, Jessica and many other business owners were deemed nonessential and were forced to close. During the shut down Jessica was left with thousands of dollars built in invoices. She was forced to use all her savings to pay these bills and maintain her business. Unfortunately Jessica began to run out of money. Pouring everything she had into her struggling business, she eventually had to sell her car and move out of her apartment. She tried to be transparent with everyone as she was truly struggling to make ends meet. With her friends and locals’ support, she was able to receive food and money donations to get by. 

Jessica was still determined to keep everything she had worked so hard for.

She wanted to be official but needed a space to call her own. Schneider searched for affordable spaces although she had gone months with no income. Her friend suggested a space but there was no way Jessica could afford to pay for a down payment let alone rent. With her fingers crossed she applied for a space anyways. With months of no pay and consistent bills, Jessica decided to apply for every grant and financial assistance she could but was still denied. Luckily when looking through the mail one morning she found a check for $10,000. She was finally approved for a small business grant and gave the check directly to the landlord as a down payment on a space she had desperately wanted. Jessica knew she was unable to afford the rent and she was left uncertain of how she could do this. 

Small Business Grant

Every year, Moon Golf hosts an Annual Customer Appreciation Golf tournament and in the year 2021, they decided to give their tournament proceeds to Brevard Random Acts of Kindness to help a small business get back on their feet.  After watching many businesses shut down due to the pandemic, Moon Golf decided to give back. On April 6th 2021, Brevard Random Acts of Kindness received a check for the amount of $5,600. The check would be used as a grant to help lift a struggling business here in Brevard County. 

This year 2022, Jessica Schneider owner of For Your Health Thermal Imaging and Wellness Center was nominated to receive this grant. She was deeply affected by the COVID pandemic and had lost everything. On March 28th 2022, BRAKS surprised Jessica at the Moon Golf Customer Appreciation Ceremony. Jessica was nominated and chosen to receive the Small Business Grant from Brevard Random Acts of Kindness. She could now pay her rent in advance without a worry. Without kindness Jessica would have struggled month after month to pay her rent. Thanks to Moon Golf’s generous donation another business could now prosper.

Jessica Schneider’s story teaches us to persevere through our rough times and always believe in yourself. There were many times when she wanted to give up, but her passion for thermography wouldn’t let her. All while struggling, Jessica kept her head up and her goals strong. Moon Golf taught us that even when you’re winning it is always important to give back.  

Design Your Own 

Design Your Own Campaign allows you to donate in your own unique way. If you’re planning to donate and have a cause in mind, Brevard Random Acts of Kindness can bring your idea to life. BRAKS has the money and volunteers to make your donation possible. Click the link below for more information on how you can design your own Random Act of Kindness.

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