Kindness can come in all shapes and sizes. The Tropical Kingdom is a kindergarten classroom at the Tropical Elementary School located in Merritt Island. These kindergarten students have displayed kindness in a bulk of ways. From starting food drives to sharing kind words to one another these students wear the badge of kindness. On May 26, 2022 the Tropical Kingdom Classroom was surprised with an act of kindness. Brevard Random Acts of Kindness surprised the kindergarten class with an ICEE Party along with a kindness is cool baggies. The students were pleased with their gifts. During their surprise each student listed a way to be kind. Their idea of kindness ranged from doing the right thing, helping a friend in need, being kind to the earth and listening to mommy and daddy of course. Their teacher Mrs. Wilcox has made it her job to teach her students the value of kindness. Through countless kindness activities and a big push to officialize the kindness symbol these students have shared and spread kindness in a massive wave despite their size.