Design Your Own: Rugby 4 Charity

December 17, 2021

During the 2021 Rugby 4 Charity Holiday Cup event, Daytona Beach Rugby Team and three other teams collectively worked together to donate gifts to the teenagers in need of holiday assistance. The teams played a series of rugby matches and donated all of their tournament proceeds to purchase the bikes. In addition, the referees volunteered their time allowing the teams to raise more money and gather additional children’s toys for the cause. 

Typically during the holidays, many toys are donated to babies and toddlers but unfortunately, many teens are left out. For 2021, the Rugby Teams decided to change that. The teams gathered together and collectively raised money to purchase bikes for teens who would go without during the holidays. The teams were able to purchase 10 brand new mountain bikes. They were then donated to ten teenagers whom are part of Brevard Ready for Life and Empower as holiday gifts. Both organizations assist children in foster care and teens that are growing out of the foster care system.