brevard county random acts of kindness

Meet Tommie

Tommie grew up in Ocala with a childhood that had him in and out of Foster Care.  He and his partner Jew-Li recently had their first baby and were able to get their own place in Cocoa Beach.

Soon after, Tommie was let go from his employer and quickly fell behind in his rent and bills. Rather than ask for a handout, Tommie was walking town around asking for employment. BRAK was able to find some short-term employment for Tommie while he also looked for a more stable employer. BRAK also provided some rental and bill assistance while he was getting back on his feet.

Tommie could have easily become another homeless statistic. He made the decision to do what ever he needed to do to climb out of the hole that he created. Today Tommie is working for a National Branded Hotel and receives health and retirement benefits, as well as vacation and personal days. Benefits he previously did not know even existed.

Today Tommie and Jew-li are expecting their second baby, they’re on top of their bills and are starting to save for an emergency fund.